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State conversation about Big Island’s official name sparks minor controversy

The Hawai‘i Board of Geographic Names during its April 2 meeting began a discussion about possibly changing the island’s official name in the U.S. Geological Survey’s Geographic Names Information System, or GNIS.

Winning 2024 Miss Aloha Hula competition a dream come true for Oʻahu dancer

Kaʻōnohikaumakaakeawe Kananiokeakua Holokai Lopes is the fourth Miss Aloha winner in the past 4 consecutive years for hula hālau Ka Lā ʻŌnohi Mai O Haʻehaʻe and the second daughter of the group’s nā kumu hula.

‘Hula is life’: Uniquely Hawaiian dance plays important role in perpetuating Native Hawaiian culture

Hula still connects people today to the foundation of Hawaiian knowledge and culture. It is a vehicle for historical and social commentary and passing down stories and information.

What you need to know about the 61st annual Merrie Monarch Festival

Get ready, world. The festival that celebrates everything hula and Hawaiian returns to Hilo on the Big Island from March 31 through April 6.

University signage of Hawaiian place names, cultural knowledge wins international award

Fast Company’s World-Changing Ideas Awards honor the innovative ways businesses and organizations are making the world more accessible, equitable, and sustainable for everyone.

Hawaiian Word of the Day for Feb. 13: Ānuenue

“For me, the ānuenue represents hope, love, equality and joy. All things that we need a little bit more of in Hawaiʻi and the world today!” — UH Mānoa alumnus Kedan Waiokila Frank

Hawaiian Word of the Day for Feb. 12: Pōpeku

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is a fan of the palaka aloha (Aloha Shirt) and has been for more than two decades, including when he was head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Hawaiian Word of the Day for Feb. 11: Mākaʻi

Most people know the slang for police in Hawaiʻi: Five-O. It stems from the TV police drama that first aired in 1968, with a revamped, modernized version of the series popular today.

Hawaiian Word of the Day for Feb. 10: Māla

In Hawaiian, a food garden is a māla ʻai (ʻai means food) and a flower garden is a māla pua (pua means flower).

Hawaiian Words of the Day for Feb. 9: Kahua hoʻolulu mokulele

Mokulele Elementary School on O’ahu said the significance of the school logo represents the Hawaiian interpretation of the word Mokulele, meaning “flying ship or airplane.”

Hawaiian Word of the Day for Feb. 8: Hana

Our favorite version is ʻAʻohe hana i koe, Hawaiian for “No work is left!”

Hawaiian Word of the Day for Feb. 7: Palaoa

The word of the day for Feb. 7 is “palaoa,” which is one of the colossal giants of the deep ocean, a necklace worn by royalty and a character in the Herman Melville 1851 classic novel.

Hawaiian Word of the Day for Feb. 6: Holoholona

The word holoholona is part of the title of several children’s books written in Hawaiian.

Hawaiian Word of the Day for Feb. 5: Akeakamai

Today’s “Hawaiian Word of the Day” is akeakamai. It roughly corresponds to lover (ake) of wisdom (akamai).

The Hawaiian Word of the Day for Feb. 4: Heʻe

February is Mahina ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi, or Hawaiian Language Month.

Hawaiian Word of the Day for Feb. 3: Ho‘olaule‘a

On Kaua‘i, the upcoming Waimea Town Celebration will feature a two-day finale Ho‘olaule‘a on Feb. 24 and 25.

Hawaiian words of the day for Feb. 2: hōkū welowelo

Today’s “Hawaiian words of the day” are in honor of the rare green comet that flew as close to Earth last night as it has in 50,000 years.

Hawaiian Word of the Day for Feb. 1: ʻŌlelo

Like most indigenous languages throughout the world, the Hawaiian language faced a significant decline due to colonization.
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