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Farmers Reminded to Use New Forms For Covered Vehicles

Posted September 18, 2022, 12:00 PM HST ·Updated September 18, 11:24 AM

Hey, farmers. There is a new form to use for designated covered farm vehicles when you’re renewing your safety check.

The new form applies to farm vehicles only, and all previously approved exempt vehicle forms will no longer be valid once your vehicle’s current safety check expires. You will not be able to renew your safety check without completing the new form.

You should bring your previously approved exempt vehicle form, if you have one, along with the new “Designation as a Hawai‘i Covered Farm Vehicle” form to to the Motor Vehicle Safety Office for approval.

The forms are available on the state Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Safety Office website. A link to the new covered vehicle form can be found under the “Motor Carrier Safety Section.” it is listed as “Designation as a Hawai‘i Covered Farm Vehicle.” Hard copies of the forms are also available at the Motor Vehicle Safety Office.

For more information, call the Motor Vehicle Safety Office at 808-692-7660.