Coronavirus Updates

Watch: Case Counts Continue Downward Slide

Posted July 29, 2022, 6:30 AM HST ·Updated July 28, 3:24 PM

Kaua‘i’s COVID cases continue to trickle downward, as do the state’s.

The Garden Isle’s seven-day average is 24 cases, down from 27 the week before, Bradley Pratt, a summer intern in the mayor’s office said on Thursday, July 28 during the county’s weekly info briefing. For the state, the seven-day average is 573, one less than last week’s 574 cases.

One male Kaua‘i resident in his 70s who was hospitalized died this week.

“Our hospital  and healthcare systems are managing cases and have adequate capacity,” Pratt said.

District Health Officer Janet Berreman reminded residents to take the proper safety precautions regarding COVID with school beginning next week where crowds will be commonplace in classrooms and on sporting fields.