Coronavirus Updates

County Moves Weekly Video Briefings to Thursdays

Posted April 7, 2022, 3:18 PM HST

Kaua‘i County is rescheduling its weekly video briefings so residents can get the latest and most up-to-date COVID-19 information.

Screenshot from the Thursday, April 7, weekly briefing video from Kaua‘i County.

“We’re moving these updates to Thursdays so we can bring you the latest information now that the Department of Health updates their weekly data on Wednesdays,” said Mayor Derek Kawakami in the Thursday, April 7, briefing.

Kawakami said Kaua‘i’s case counts continue to decline and the island has one of the lowest rates of COVID in the state. The seven-day case average for the island is now four cases a day, with a test positivity rate of 3.4%.

The mayor thanked everyone who came out last week to pick up free COVID test kits when the county was distributing them and apologized to those who arrived after all the kits were given away.

“We gave away all 15,000 tests and we are ordering more,” Kawakami said in the video.

He also asked that island residents continue to help the county’s bus drivers and airport workers, as the mask requirement remains for public transportation.

“Wearing a mask is optional most places now, but the federal government still requires them on public transportation,” Kawakami said. “You must wear a mask on the Kaua‘i Bus and on private shuttles, and at the airport, through April 18. Most other places, it’s your choice now.”

To watch the weekly briefing video, click here.