Coronavirus Updates

Statewide Indoor Mask Mandate Ends at Midnight

Posted March 25, 2022, 1:40 PM HST

All state restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic end tonight at midnight, including indoor mask-wearing. However, masks aren’t going away completely as they will still be required in schools, to board flights and on public transportation. Also, while the end of COVID protocols eliminates required face coverings, businesses could still enforce mask-wearing.

Additionally, Wilcox Health announced it will continue to require all patients and visitors to wear a face mask during their visit to the medical center, clinics and urgent care sites. This includes in common spaces, such as hallways, waiting rooms and dining facilities (except when actively eating and/or drinking), as well as all patient care areas.

“The decision to keep current mask-wearing guidelines in place is for the protection of our patients, staff and others who must be present in those spaces but may have vulnerabilities that require added protection,” Wilcox Health stated in a social media post.

Patients or visitors who arrive at Wilcox Health facilities without a mask, or arrive wearing a mask with a valve or a single-layer gaiter, will be provided an appropriate mask to wear during the duration of their visit. Those who are unable to tolerate a mask may wear a face shield instead.

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