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Kūhiō Highway Closed Near Hanalei Bridge

Posted March 22, 2022, 12:16 PM HST

Kūhiō Highway in the vicinity of the Hanalei Bridge and Hanalei School are closed as a flash flood warning for the island remains in effect.

Ponding, low visibility, and other hazardous driving conditions are expected. If you must drive, do so with extreme caution.

For updates on road conditions and closures, call 808-241-1725. Do not call Kaua‘i police 911 unless you have an emergency.

A flash flood warning means flash flooding is imminent or occurring in streams, roads, and low-lying areas. Do not cross fast flowing or rising water in your vehicle or on foot. The warning may be extended, dropped or modified as conditions develop.

For weather updates, call the National Weather Service automated weather line at 808-245-6001 or visit the NWS website, www.weather.gov/hfo.