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DOH Expands Birth, Marriage Certificate Printing to Kauaʻi

Posted March 9, 2022, 2:00 PM HST ·Updated March 9, 12:38 PM

Residents of Kaua‘i can now have certain vital records printed on island.

The state Department of Health is expanding printing of birth certificates and marriage certificates to Kauaʻi, according to a news release. The island’s residents can now have the vital records issued at the Kauaʻi District Health Office.

Kauaʻi District Health Office employee Pamela-Lani Yamaguchi issues the first vital record printed and embossed on Kauaʻi to Līhuʻe resident Chaunci Nakaula in February. (Photo courtesy of the state Department of Health)

“Printing birth and marriage certificates on island provides equitable access to these critical documents for Kaua‘i residents,” said state Health Director Dr. Elizabeth Char.

Once printed and embossed with a security seal, these records become legal documents that can be used to obtain government-issued IDs such as driver’s licenses and passports, eligibility for government programs and school entrance. Vital records are printed on security paper with anti-counterfeit measures to ensure authenticity.

“We are happy to offer this service to our fellow Kaua‘i residents and hope that improved access to vital records will make their lives easier,” said Kauaʻi District Health Officer Dr. Janet Berreman.

The expanded service will reduce birth and marriage certificate wait times on Kauaʻi in most cases from eight weeks or more to 10 business days. The District Health Office accepts online orders. In-person orders and payment are not available.

At this time, death certificates will continue to be printed on Oʻahu. Kaua‘i residents can email DOH.KauaiVitalRecords@doh.hawaii.gov with questions.

Vital records also continue to be available to all Hawai‘i residents through online order and mail delivery.