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Court Order Delays Candidate Filing for U.S. Rep., State Senator and Other Seats

Posted February 28, 2022, 12:39 PM HST

The State of Hawai‘i Supreme Court issued a court order temporarily suspending candidate filing for the offices of U.S. Representative, State Senate, and State Representative contests until further notice from the court, the state Office of Elections announced in a press release Monday, Feb. 28.

The order arises from a challenge of the 2021 State Reapportionment Plan. Candidate filing will open as scheduled beginning March 1 for the following offices:

U.S. Senate


Lieutenant Governor

Office of Hawaiian Affairs Trustee, Hawai‘i Resident Trustee, vacancy

Office of Hawaiian Affairs Trustee, Maui Resident Trustee

Office of Hawaiian Affairs Trustee, O‘ahu Resident Trustee

Office of Hawaiian Affairs Trustee, At-Large

County of Hawai‘i, Councilmember

County of Maui, Mayor

County of Maui, Councilmember

County of Kaua‘i, Mayor

County of Kaua‘i, Councilmember

City & County of Honolulu, Councilmember

Interested candidates for these offices may obtain nomination papers to file for office. For a list of locations and qualifications, visit elections.hawaii.gov.

The Office of Elections will update this announcement as new information becomes available at elections.hawaii.gov.