Coronavirus Updates

6 Inmates, 3 Staff at KCCC Test Positive for COVID

Posted January 27, 2022, 6:30 AM HST ·Updated January 26, 7:37 PM

The state Department of Public Safety reported Wednesday, Jan. 26, that six inmates and three staff members at Kaua‘i Community Correctional Center in Līhu‘e have tested positive for COVID-19.

COVID testing is continuously being conducted in state prisons and jails, as well as in the contracted Saguaro Correctional Center in Eloy, Ariz.

The latest testing updates for the correctional facilities are as follows:

  • Kaua‘i Community Correctional Center: 39 inmate test results; six positive, 33 negative. One inmate has recovered. There were three positive staff test results reported.
  • Maui Community Correctional Center: 134 inmate results; 96 positive, 38 negative; 27 inmates have recovered. There were 27 staff test results; one positive, 26 negative. One employee has recovered.
  • O‘ahu Community Correctional Center: 111 inmate test results; 50 positive, 61 negative. Two positive staff test results were received. One employee has recovered.
  • Women’s Community Correctional Center (O‘ahu): 26 inmate test results; 11 positive, 15 negative. One positive staff test result was received.
  • Waiawa Correctional Facility (O‘ahu): 82 inmate test results; three positive, 79 negative. One positive staff test result reported.
  • Hawai‘i Community Correctional Center (Big Island): Two inmate test results; one positive, one negative. Four positive staff results reported.
  • Halawa Correctional Facility (O‘ahu): Two positive staff test results. Four staff have recovered. Three negative inmate test results.

COVID-19 updates for other DPS divisions are as follows:

  • Administration Division: Three positive employee test results received.
  • Attached Agencies: One positive Hawai’i Paroling Authority employee test result received.

DPS continues to encourage all staff and inmates to voluntarily get tested and receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

For more detailed inmate testing data, the department’s Pandemic Plan and information about response efforts made to safeguard the inmates, staff and public, visit the DPS dedicated COVID-19 webpage.