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New Traffic Signal System Install Set for Kaumualiʻi Highway Intersection

Posted November 24, 2021, 6:30 AM HST ·Updated November 23, 3:11 PM

A new traffic signal system being installed at Laulea Street and Mahea Road on Kaumualiʻi Highway (Route 50) is slated to be operational on Dec. 1.

The system will operate in flashing mode starting Wednesday, Nov. 24, and go through Tuesday, Nov. 30, Hawaii Department of Transportation reports. This temporary action is to alert motorists to the new signals that will serve as traffic control measures at the intersection.

The traffic signals facing Kaumualiʻi Highway will be flashing yellow and those facing Laulea Street and Mahea Road will be flashing red, HDOT advises. Motorists are not required to stop during the flashing yellow indication but should slow down, proceed with caution and remain alert.

The flashing red indication should be treated as a stop sign. The traffic signals are scheduled to be turned on and in normal operation on Wednesday, Dec. 1.

Message boards will be in place on Kaumualiʻi Highway in advance of the new traffic signals going fully operational, notifying motorists of the Dec. 1 activation date.

HDOT advises caution when traveling through the area as drivers become familiar with the new traffic signals. For more information or questions, contact the contractor (Earthworks Pacific) at 808-246-8808 or HDOT at 808-241-3000.