Coronavirus Updates

State Approaches 90% Employee Vaccination Rate

Posted September 24, 2021, 2:10 PM HST

The Department of Human Resources Development (DHRD) has released updated vaccination rates for the State of Hawaiʻi’s executive branch employees.

As of Sept. 13, 2021:

  • 88.8% of the state’s executive branch employees are vaccinated for COVID-19
  • 2.6% are partially vaccinated
  • 8.6 percent are NOT vaccinated

The departments with the highest fully vaccinated rates are:

  • Dept. of Human Resources Development: 100%
  • Dept. of Business, Economic Development & Tourism: 95.4%
  • Dept. of Labor & Industrial Relations: 95%

The departments with the lowest fully vaccinated rates are:

  • Dept. of Public Safety: 79.4%
  • Dept. of Transportation: 84.9%
  • Dept. of Human Services: 87.8%

“The State of Hawaiʻi has continued its upward trend, increasing the executive branch’s fully vaccinated rate by more than 3% in the last month.  Additionally, more employees have chosen to initiate vaccinations, moving us towards a more fully vaccinated and safer population,” said DHRD Director Ryker Wada. “I remain optimistic that the state will continue to increase its vaccination rate in the coming months.”

While DHRD was collecting, aggregating and comparing data, it found an error in the formula used to compute the Aug. 16, 2021 data. The updated numbers are as follows:

As of Aug. 16, 2021:

  • 85.6 % of the state’s executive branch employees were vaccinated for COVID-19 (previously reported at 87.6%)
  • 5.1% were partially vaccinated (previously reported at 4.9%)
  • 9.3% were NOT vaccinated (previously reported at 7.6%)

More than 300 employees have joined the executive branch since Aug. 16 and are not included in this data.

DHRD reports that three executive branch employees have been discharged due to non-compliance with the vaccination/testing requirements.

The vaccination rates do not include the University of Hawaiʻi and the Department of Education.