Coronavirus Updates

PSD Offers Update on Mass Testing Results

Posted September 13, 2021, 3:28 PM HST

The Department of Public Safety (PSD) was notified a deputy sheriff, assigned to the Sheriff Special Operations Section, has reported a positive test result. Notification was made to the Department of Health (DOH), according to a press release.

The O´ahu Community Correctional Center (OCCC) reports 522 inmate test results received as part of the mass testing effort underway at the facility. Of that number, 110 were positive and 412 were negative. There were 47 inmate recoveries reported. There was also one positive OCCC employee reported.

Ongoing testing is being implemented by OCCC health care staff, with the assistance of the Department of Health. OCCC enacted their pandemic protocols to limit inmate movement. The facility is in constant contact with the courts to notify them of the status and continues to conduct video arraignments and hearings when requested by the courts.

COVID-19 testing is continuously being conducted in the state prisons and jails as well as in the contracted Saguaro Correctional Center in Eloy, Arizona. The latest testing updates received for other correctional facilities are as follows:

Hawai´i Community Correctional Center – Seven inmate results: One positive, six negative. Seven inmates have recovered, bringing the total active inmate cases down to four.

Women’s Community Correctional Center – One positive staff case was reported.

Maui Community Correctional Center – Eight negative inmate test results.

Halawa Correctional Facility – Two negative inmate test results.

For more detailed inmate testing data, PSD’s Pandemic Plan and information on response efforts made to safeguard the inmates, staff and public, visit