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Kīkīaola Small Boat Harbor to Close for Improvement Project

Posted June 16, 2021, 12:02 PM HST

The Kīkīaola Small Boat Harbor ramp will be closed for nearly two months to allow for the installation of new boat ramp panels on the above-water portion and concrete pavement at the top of the ramp.

The ramp will be closed from Monday, June 21, to Sunday, Aug. 15. While the boat ramp will be closed during this period, all other parts of the harbor will be open including bathrooms, pavilion, vehicle parking areas, and the wooden marginal loading dock, used for loading and unloading passengers.

Kīkīaola boat ramp users will be permitted to launch their vessels from the Port Allen Small Boat Harbor approximately 9 miles east of Kīkīaola.

Portions of the paved area at the top of the boat ramp will be inaccessible while new concrete pavement is being installed. Access to the beach on the east side of the harbor will not be blocked.

Kīkīaola Small Boat Harbor will fully reopen on Aug. 16.