Coronavirus Updates

Watch: Kaua‘i Leaders Discuss Record COVID-19 Numbers

Posted April 29, 2021, 4:15 PM HST ·Updated April 29, 3:57 PM

Kaua‘i recorded an all-time record of COVID-19 cases reported in a single day on Thursday, April 29, with 13 cases.

During the county’s bi-weekly COVID update, Mayor Derek SK Kawakami attributed the high number of positive results to a dramatic increase in testing, noting the Kaua‘i District Health Office tested 362 people alone on Wednesday, April 28.

“More testing catches more cases, so thank you to those who have done the right thing by going and getting tested,” Kawakami said.

As of Thursday, Kaua‘i has 43 active cases with 107 in quarantine. Kaua‘i District Health Office Director Janet Berreman said the vast majority of the current cases are residents, not visitors.

“We’re seeing high transmission within households and at work sites,” Berreman said, adding there has been no transmission reported in school settings.

These numbers, the mayor said, are an indication that Kaua‘i has extensive and sustained community transmission of the virus.

On Wednesday, Berreman said there were 47 active cases — 45 of which were residents and two were visitors. Seventeen cases were in children under the age of 17.

Four of the cases were fully vaccinated. Berreman said 40 of those individuals hadn’t been vaccinated, two were partially vaccinated and the vaccination status of one person was unknown.

“We know the vaccine isn’t 100% effective, but it does provide a very high level of protection,” Berreman said.