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Sewage Did Not Reach Hanamāʻulu Stream, Officials Update

Posted October 7, 2020, 9:33 AM HST

Kaua‘i County officials confirm approximately 4,000 gallons of wastewater spilled in Hanamāʻulu Tuesday night, not 15,000 gallons as was initially reported.

The spill was caused by a broken sewer line at the intersection Hanamāʻulu Road and Anai Street. Based on the topography where the wastewater spill occurred, it was initially assumed 15,000 gallons entered the stream.

However, after the wastewater spill was stopped and a visual inspection could be performed to track the extent of the wastewater spill, it was confirmed that the wastewater spill did not reach Hanamāʻulu Stream, officials confirmed Wednesday.

A contractor is currently onsite and is working to repair the broken sewer line. Until the repair is made, continuous sewer bypassing will need to be performed. County officials are asking the public to avoid this area if possible.

Department of Health officials have been updated on the spill. Anyone with questions can contact Jason Kagimoto with the Department of Public Works at 808-241-4083 or via email at jkagimoto@kauai.gov.