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Supplemental Water Source Back Online for Lihue-Kapa’a Water System

Posted September 22, 2020, 8:48 AM HST

The Department of Water (DOW) reports the surface water treatment plant is back online and will be supplementing water service to customers connected to the DOW’s Lihue-Kapa’a water system beginning today.

Water remains safe for consumption and is tested on a continuous schedule regulated by the Department of Health’s Safe Drinking Water Branch. There are no advisories or customer action required at this time.

The surface water treatment plant was taken offline by its operators on July 16 to conduct research, after DOW received reports of a slight discoloration in the tap water. The research determined that the slight discoloration was caused by the oxidation of naturally occurring manganese dissolved in the water. It is not a health risk and does not affect drinking water quality.

The plant has implemented procedures to prevent the future formation of color in the treated water. Additionally, DOW has confirmed that the water is clear and the surface water treatment plant continues to produce drinking water that meets safe drinking water standards.