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Aerial Imagery Flights for Emergency Response Services Permitted Through August 2021

Posted September 18, 2020, 9:53 AM HST

In partnership with the County and State, EagleView is engaging with Snowbird Air LLC for aerial imagery flights islandwide for emergency response services through August 2021.

During this time, Snowbird Air will be taking pictures of the ground to identify building structures, landmarks, and terrain to aid the County in delivery of services and supply State EMS databases with up-to-date imagery.

Snowbird is utilizing a Piper Aztec twin engine and a Cessna 172 single engine aircraft to collect the imagery. All imagery flights are planned and flown well-above FAA minimum altitudes.

EagleView (Formerly called Pictometry) is USA-based company that was formed in Rochester, New York, as Pictometry around 2000 and were joined with a roofing company in the Seattle Area called EagleView. EagleView is contracted to capture aerial imagery for all 911 Centers/Public Safety in the State of Hawai‘i by the State E911 board.