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Free Compost Bins Currently Unavailable

Posted September 16, 2020, 10:24 AM HST

The free compost bins offered by the county are currently unavailable.

“Under the COVID-19 restrictions, many folks have been taking up gardening and are composting at home using our Earth Machine Bins, so the bins have been flying off the shelf,” said Mayor Derek S. K. Kawakami. “It is great to see that so many people are making use of this truly effective method to divert food scraps and yard waste in their own backyards instead of sending it to the landfill.”

The Public Works Solid Waste Division is in the process of ordering more bins, but at this time recommend that the public visit their web page and scroll down to learn about other methods to compost at home.

“You can build your own compost bin with material readily available on island. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a prefabricated bin. You can use wooden skips, chicken wire, or a simple organic pile with a tarp over it.” said Keola Aki, the County’s Acting Solid Waste Programs Coordinator.

Those that have already contacted the Division requesting a pick up on Sept. 18, will be accommodated. Do not call or show up requesting a bin if you have not already spoken to County staff, as there are only enough bins available to satisfy the current requests.

“We expect a new shipment of bins to be delivered in a few months, and once we receive them the supply should last another two years before we need to reorder,” said Acting Solid Waste Chief Allison Fraley. “We are very pleased with the progress of this program and the community’s enthusiasm around backyard composting.”

For questions or concerns, call 808-241-4841.