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Drought Conditions Return to Kaua‘i

Posted July 9, 2020, 10:39 AM HST

The dry leeward conditions over the Hawaiian Islands resulted in the return of drought to several areas, including Kaua‘i.

According to the National Weather Service’s monthly rain summary report, June rainfall totals from Kaua‘i were mostly below average. There were a few near to above average totals from the west side of the island, mostly due to afternoon showers on lighter trade wind days.

Gages along the lower leeward elevations from Hanapepe to Waimea had monthly totals at less than 50% of average. The US Geological Survey’s (USGS) rain gage on Mount Wai‘ale‘ale had the highest monthly total of 32.08 inches (97% of average) and the highest daily total of 4.34 inches on June 7. The Wainiha rain gage had its lowest June total since 2009.

All of the rain gages across Kaua‘i had near to above average totals for 2020 through the end of June. Most of the totals have been trending toward the average since April. Mount Wai‘ale‘ale had the highest year-to-date total of 231.56 inches (123% of average).

Drought is also affecting O‘ahu, parts of the Big Island and expanded and intensified conditions in Maui County.

Courtesy of National Weather Service Honolulu