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State to Receive Nearly $50M in Federal Funding to Support Hawaiʻi Airports

Posted December 16, 2021, 6:45 AM HST ·Updated December 16, 6:52 AM

New federal funding is headed to Hawaiʻi to support airport infrastructure projects, Sen. Brian Schatz announced Wednesday, Dec. 15.

Approximately $49.3 million in funding from the bipartisan infrastructure law will be divided among airports in all major counties. Airports on Kauaʻi are set to receive $5.9 million.

The new funding will help support airport infrastructure projects that improve safety and operations efficiency, cut congestion, and reduce the airport’s impact on the environment and neighboring communities.

“Hawai‘i’s airports will soon be getting millions to help make it safer and easier for passengers to fly,” said Schatz, Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation and Housing. “The historic infrastructure law we passed last month is already delivering funding to support our airports, roads, and transit systems, and we expect even more in the coming months and years.”

Oʻahu airports are set to receive $21.2 million; $1.2 million to airports on Molokaʻi; $1 million for Lanaʻi Airport; $9.5 million for airports on Maui; and $10.4 million for airports on Hawai‘i Island.